Question: My remote is not working. How do I perform the remote test to see if my remote is functioning properly?

There are two ways to test the remote control: TEST

If your remote control fails the remote test, the remote then is not functioning properly. You will be able to purchase the original remote control through our customer support line at 1-877-288-3667 (Monday-Friday 9:00AM-6:00PM EST.) Please have both of your model & serial numbers ready before contacting our support team.

Question: How do I program the universal remote to work with my product? Where can I get the remote codes?

Answer: Since we do not provide support for other manufacture product, please contact your remote manufacture, cable providers or third party online resources to obtain the remote codes.

Question: Where does my antenna go?

Answer: Your Antenna connects to where our device says "ANT IN".

Question: Why does the initial setup come up every time I turn my unit on?

Answer: Your unit requires a live coaxial connection during the initial set-up. Connected antenna/cable/VCR and run initial setup. Once it detects a signal, it will stop asking for initial setup. If no channels are found, and the coaxial line is live, please contact customer support.

Question: I have one channel that has no sound, and/or a channel that's in a different language, what do I do?

Answer: Press the [SAP] or the [Audio] button on your TV remote twice, while you're on the channel with no sound, or the channel that is in a different language.

Question: How come I receive no picture, black and white picture or no sound after hooking up the other unit to my television?

Answer: make sure to plug the cables into the correct input jacks on both your TV and the other product especially using the RCA (Red, white and yellow) cable. For some units, the Composite (Red, white and yellow) and Component connections are sharing the same jacks. Also make sure to select the correct input channels by pressing the input select/source button on the original TV remote.

Example 1: LC320SS2

This is an example of the TV's input jacks.

When using the RCA (Composite) connection, make sure to follow the image by plugging the yellow coated Video cable into the green (Y) input jack.

Example 2: LC320SL1

This is another example of the TV input jacks in the back of the TV.

When using the RCA(Composite) connection type, this is not the correct connection shown here.
Instead, the yellow coated (Video) cable should go into the green (Y) input jack on the top.
You can also connect the RCA (Composite) cables to the Audio/Video input jacks on the side of the TV.
Question: The volume on my TV goes up and down on its own. What should I do?

Answer: The problem could be from the volume button on either the actual tv or the remote control stuck.

First of all, power the unit off and remove the battery away from the remote. Manually power on the tv afterwards. If the volume stops going up and down on its own, the issue could be from the volume button on the remote control. Please refer to the very first FAQ question for more remote testing information. If the problem still occurs, it could be from the actual volume button on the TV. Please contact our support team for more information.

Question: The sound on my television goes out and I receive no sound. What should I do?

Answer: Verify all the connection and make sure the cables are plugged in correctly and securely. The probelm could be related to the SAP/Audio due to the setting is set into non-supported audio language. Press the [SAP] or [Audio] button to cycle through the compatible audio language. It could also be the speaker issue. Check to see if the external speaker is connected and working properly.

Question: I don't have my TV remote control, how can I get to the Video or Input channel?

Answer: Press the channel down button on the TV repeatedly, until you get to the Video or Input channel. If unable to get to the Video or Input channel, you will need the TV remote. **A remote can be purchased from our Parts Department, or on our website. Please call 1-877-288-3567, or purchase from our website by clicking on the 'Shop Online' tab.

Question: What is the Refresh rate on my TV?

Answer: The Refresh rate on our LCD TVs is 60 Hz.

Question: I can't play movies through my flash drive, what is wrong?

Answer: Our TVs will only play Motion JPEG files with an ".avi" extension. An extension ".mov" is not supported.

*Note* During Motion JPEG playback, "Pause", "Forward", and "Reverse" are not available on these units.

Question:My TV won't read my flash drive to view my images.

Answer:Make sure that your flash drive is in FAT format. Up to 2GB (FAT 16) or 8GB (FAT 32) capacity can be supported.

Question: I connect my television/monitor to my PC, but why I am unable to see any image?

Answer: Make sure you are on the correct video input for your connection. You may then need to cycle through the available resolutions on your computer until you find a compatible resolution. For information on how to do this, contact your computer or video card manufacturer.

Question: How do I connect my HDMI cable, if my television set does not have a HDMI connection just a DVI?

Answer: You must purchase a DVI to HDMI crossover cable, and connect that from your DVI to our HDMI connection on our unit. This type of connection will usually also require a separate set of composite audio connections, so you may received audio.

Question: I connect video game system with HDMI cable but I am not able to see any picture on my television. What else can I do?

Answer: The problem is related to resolution on the PS3. First of all, connect PS3 to your television using the Composite (red, white and yellow) cable. Go to the menu setting on the PS3 and adjust its resolution to be compatible with the HDMI connection. Once you are done changing the resoution to HDMI on your PS3, unplug the Composite cable and plug in the HDMI cable into your PS3. Restart the PS3 afterwards. Please refer to your PS3 manual or supprt team for more information.

Question: What connections do I need for my surround sound system?

Answer: In order to obtain surround sound, a digital audio coaxial cable must be connected. Some of our units also support optical audio connections.

Question: I am able to see my SAT/Cable guide, but not a picture, what should I do?

Answer: This is generally a problem with your cable or sat service. Please contact them for further support.

Question: I did the autoscan but I am not receiving any channel. Why is that?

Answer: Check to see if you have the external tuner connected to the television. If yes, you do not need to perform auto scan. Please select the Video input by pressing the input select/source button on the TV remote control. If no, you need to connect the unit to the external tuner, and select Ch.3 to proceed to the auto scan.

Question: Which channel should I choose if I use the Composite (Red,white and yellow) connection type?

Answer: Depending on different units, Composite video should show up on either Video 1,Video 2, E1, E2, L1, or L2. Please refer to your owner's manual for more details in connection and or external device connections.

Question: How do I change the picture size (aspect ratio) on the TV?


Press the [FORMAT]/[PICTURE MODE] on the original TV remote to adjust the TV aspect ratio.

Question: My television is not powering on. What can I do?

Answer: Unplug the TV power cord from the current outlet and plug into another electrical outlet. If you are using the power/standby button on the remote control and the TV is not powering on, it could be the remote issue and please refer to the very first FAQ question for further instruction on remote test. If TV still does not come on, the unit may need to be serviced.

Question: My unit is turning off after a set period of time. How can I stop this?

Answer: Try looking into the auto-power off feature. Otherwise you may want to try a different wall outlet. If these steps fail, please contact customer support.

Question: What does it mean when the green light on my television automatically turns back to red light?

Answer: Unplug the TV power cord from the current outlet and plug into another electrical outlet. If you are using the power/standby button on the remote control and the TV is not powering on, it could be the remote issue and please refer to the very first FAQ question on how to perform the remote test. If TV still does not come on, your TV may need to be serviced.

Question: Where can I download the latest software update for my TV?

Answer: Software updates fix known product issues as well as improving overall product performance. A software upgrade will only work if you are trying to upload a newer software version than what is currently on your television. In order to check your software version, please select: Menu =>Feature=> Current Software Info. Or the other option can be Setup=>Detail=>Current Software Info. You will be able to find the latest update on the following websites:

Software upgrades are available on our website. Click on the Software Update link at the top of the homepage, or just click on the following link:

Or if you have Magnavox product, please go to http://www.magnavox.com

If you have Sylvania product, please go to http://sites.google.com/site/sylvaniasoftware/home

If you have Emerson product, please go to http://www.emersonaudiovideo.com/

Question: Why there is a black box in the middle of my TV screen?

Answer: This is because the close-caption option is on. Select [OFF] to turn off the close-caption. If black box persists, check with all other connected devices' close caption settings.

Question: My TV is flashing in different colors. Is there any way to get rid of the unnecessary color?


When TV is stuck in calibration/service mode, the TV will flash through different color
STEP 1: In order to get out of the service mode, press the following buttons in this order one at the time on the original TV remote control: [Up] and [Down]
STEP 2: Manually press the Power/Standby button on the actual TV to resume the screen back to normal operation.

Question: There are numbers in every corner of my TV and it will not respond to my remote, what should I do?

Answer: This is a calibration mode, to disable it press the power button located on the face of the TV. The TV will turn off. Wait 20 seconds and press the power button on the face of the TV again. It MUST be the button on the TV itself, unplugging the device, or using the remote will not help.

Question: There are a whole bunch of logos and wording at the bottom of my screen. What is this, and how do I turn it off?

Answer: This is the E-sticker feature that shows technical information and set features, and it is mainly used by TV retailers. To remove this from your screen, Press your [MENU] button on your TV remote control. Using the up and down arrow keys, select Features, then press [OK] on the remote. Select E-sticker, then press [OK] on the remote. Select OFF, to turn off the E-sticker. Press the [MENU] button to exit.

Question: My television is losing color after being on for a while. What should I do?

Answer: Check to see if the connection cables are placed correctly and also verify the resolution on the external tuner (like cable/satellite box). If the problem still persists after the trouble shooting, the unit will need to be serviced.

Question: Am I able to wall mount my television?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to wall mount the product. Before considering wall mounting the television, make sure the television base accessory is completely removed from the television itself. If you have set up the TV base, please unscrew all 4 screws for the base first.

Question: Where can I plug in the headset on my television?

Answer: Not all the models have the input jacks for headset. The headset can only be used if the television model have the [HEADSET] input jacks on the television.