Top 10 Questions

Question: My remote is not working. How do I perform the remote test to see if my remote is functioning properly?

There are two ways to test the remote control:

If your remote control fails the remote test, the remote then is not functioning properly. You will be able to purchase the original remote control through our customer support line at 1-877-288-3667 (Monday-Friday 9:00AM-6:00PM EST.) Please have both of your model & serial numbers ready before contacting our support team.

Question: How do I program the universal remote to work with my product? Where can I get the remote codes?

Answer: Since we do not provide support for other manufacture product, please contact your remote manufacture, cable providers or third party online resources to obtain the remote codes.

Question: What can I do if my Set Top Box is not receiving any signals?


1) Check to see if the antenna is connected properly to the Set Top Box at the "Antenna In" port.

2) Make sure the Set Top Box is powered on.

3)Please press the input/source button on the original remote control to the TV. If you are using the RF cable connection, TV has to be on either Channel 3 or 4. If you are using the RCA cable connection instead, the TV has to be on the Video input.

4) Go into your setup menu to re-perform the Channel Scan.

5) If there is not a signal being received, please visit www.dtv.gov or www.antennaweb.org to verify the signal strength in your local area.

*You may need a DTV antenna or a multi-directional antenna with a Pre-AMP to receive a better signal. If an inside antenna is used, try moving it away from any other electrical equipment and move it closer to a window. For better reception, do not put it on top of the television or other electrical equipment.

Question: How come my unit is not able to connect to the Wireless Network?


1. Verify whether the security key is correctly entered onto the screen. You will be able to get the correct security code from your Internet Service Providers (ISP).

2. Move the router closer to the unit since some objects may interfere the signal strength.

3. Reset your modem/router and your blu-ray player.

4. Check to see if you need a sofrtware update for your router. You can refer to the owner's manual and support team for your router manufacturer.

5. Make sure to turn ON the DHCP setting on your router

6. The mobile hotspot cannot be used as your internet source.

7. Check to see if your blu-ray player needs a firmware upgrade.

8. Verify your firewall setting and make sure it would not block the network signal reception.

9. Disconnect other wireless devices to decrease the network signal distraction.

10. Secure your network by adding password to protect your internet.

If you have verify all the above steps and is still not able to connect to the wireless network, please contact your Internet Service Provider to seek for further solution.

Question: My unit is not powering on. What can I do?

Answer: Unplug the product's power cord from the current outlet and plug into another electrical outlet. If you are using the power/standby button on the remote control and the TV is not powering on, it could be the remote issue and please refer to the very first FAQ Question for further instruction on remote test. If TV still does not come on, the unit may need to be serviced.

Question: Why there is a black box in the middle of my TV screen?

Answer: This is because the close-caption option is on. Select [OFF] to turn off the close-caption. If black box persists, check with all other connected devices' close caption settings.

Question: I am unable to locate the input channel on my TV which is made by other manufacturer. What else can I do?

Answer: Find the original remote control to your TV made by other manufacture and continue pressing the input/source button on the remote until you see the image. If you lost the remote for your TV, you may be able to find the Input/Source button on the actual TV.

Below is the input channel list for common TV brands. If you are still not able to find the correct input channel, please refer to the owner's manual or contact the support team for your TV.

Question: Where am I able to get a copy of the owner's manual for the unit?

Answer: You can download the electronic copy of the owner's manual via our website.

Question: I have issue playing back my disc. What should I do?

Answer: Please make sure your product is connecting correctly to your television. Also, verify the region code on the disc's cover packaging and make sure it is either "A", "ALL" or "1". Also verify whether you have the latest firmware update for your unit and make sure your disc is finalized as well.

Question: What are all these error messages mean?

Below is the error code list and you will be able to find the meaning for each error message: